Straight from New York and now calling Texas her home, Suzette Audia has been a devoted hairdresser and master colorist for over 30 years.

Now Introducing the New and Improved E-Hair Systems

Suzette has developed a line of hair care products that actually help reverse the aging process. While the natural tendency of hair is to thin and become fragile as the body ages, Suzette’s “E” Shampoo and Conditioner help stop the effects of aging and create soft, shiny, healthy hair.

In addition, Suzette’s proprietary blend promotes unprecedented rapid hair growth. Among the products’ key ingredients are Panthenol, Wheat Germ Oil, Keratin, and Jojoba. But the real secret is EMU oil. While EMU oil is not new on the market. Suzette Audia has found it to be the magical key ingredient for spectacular hair growth.