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Let’s get personal!

The Suzette Audia haircare line now comes with your very own personalized text-torial instruction.

How does it work: text me at 972-489-3536 a picture of your hair along with your name and what type of style you would like to achieve or the problems you are having.

I will send back your very own personal text-torial video of how to use my products to achieve maximum benefits made specifically for you!

All of my products are money back guaranteed and a 10% discount will be added for all texters!!!

E Products for Hair Growth

The “E” stands for EMU oil. These products help stop the effects of aging while creating soft, shiny, healthy hair. The proprietary blend in these products promotes unprecedented rapid hair growth.

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Suzette has developed a line of hair care products, specially formulated for all types of hair, that actually help reverse the aging process to both men and women.


“I have been a faithful user of Suzette’s hair products since the beginning! Although I do not live close anymore she will ship to me when I need it – don’t know what shampoo I would use if it weren’t for E-Shampoo and Conditioner and all the other great products!! I’m HOOKED!!”

Sandra W.

“I have hemochromatosis and they had to reduce the iron in my body. I began losing my hair. I went to a few dermatologists and they said alopecia maybe. But no real answers. I cut about 8 inches off hoping that would thicken it up a bit. My scalp started becoming quite irritated and bright red. Which with very blonde hair shows right through. Plus being short everyone sees your scalp. So last year I bought the emu and shampoo and conditioner. Within days my scalp felt and looked better. In a month I was growing hair back. I ran out stopped using it and in a couple of months went right back to where I was. I reordered and am doing great again. I wish I would have taken pictures.”

Dorothy Diaz

“I can’t rave enough on this shampoo and conditioner. (…) She suggested I switch to the E shampoo and have been using nothing since! I love it!!!! The first wash with it was amazing. My hair immediately felt soft and luxurious. Within a short time, it started growing again, not breaking off like it had been. I recommend it to everyone.”

Angie G.

Latest News

Jun1, 2020

Our 32 Oz. Bundle is now available!

June 1st, 2020|

The 32 Oz. Bundle includes the E Conditioner (32 oz.) + E Shampoo (32 oz.) + Emu oil (2 oz.)! E Shampoo & E Conditioner can be used daily. Pure grade A EMU oil needs [...]

May12, 2020

Word of the day, stress…

May 12th, 2020|

Since we have all been affected by the corona-virus in someway... rest assure that our hair has taken on the stress as well! Not being able to take care of it through your salon using [...]

Apr12, 2020

Hair as old as time!

April 12th, 2020|

Sounds like a line from BEAUTY AND THE BEAST ! If your hair is older than 18 or 20 yrs, you better be taking good care of it! E-Hair Systems is chock full of vitamins, [...]